Somthing to say on my birthday!

What is life if you can’t spend it well? What is time if it is wasted? What is a women, a man, a relation if they canot be respectively loved by yourself? Everyone has their breaking point. A thresh-hold in their own constitution that as the personal pressure cooker goes you go with it. Only with meditation can you overcome, only with time can the mistakes be corrected by them not being acted out (repeated) in the present and future. Conciousness is the fundemental pinacle of living. The society of modern living says that you are free to go drinking, to go partying, to go out. The need is a want yet we still do it and there is nothing wrong with that. There is freedom in this country to have any number of religions for yourself to hold dear. To wear whatever t shirt or pair of socks. This can also be wasted. The streets are awash with individuals who are sheep plastered and plagued with a pathetic urge to bomb themselves to oblivion. The drugs are always going to be a way to recreationally irrationally kill yourself but the alcohol is getting the children hard and fast. 18 doesn’t make an adult. It is not about how old you are, it’s about how old you act. The mind’s eye to these cretins are blind to the fact that as a modern society we are still in a dark ages. Why have alcohol? I drink yet in moderation. The invention of alcohol’s sole purpose is to change the individual’s mind set. ‘Feeling bad? Have a drink’. That has always been the consensus even though if you are feeling down and sullen drink as it is a downer is NOT THE BEST THING TO BE HAVING WHEN YOU ARE FEELING DOWN. Yet the people consume it and in above equal measures. Drugs are the same. By altering mind sets they can suppress mind numbing techno as if it were a joyous symphony. Without digressing to much on the question I beg to ask the final query being, is self medicating the way for humans? Are the minds that we were all born in just boring enough?
Pop culture is a culture that has foundations made with smoke and mirrors. You onley see the error when the smoke has cleared and you are then forced with the mirror and what do you see? To many a style has been followed from a pop star or movie man or woman. Their drug dependancy is your drone delicacy. You take every word from the celebrity magazines as gospal. Gossip magazines are at the alter and read on your toilet. Paris Hilton could be the new Adolf Hitler yet you wouldn’t know it as you haven’t seen it in her. Back when then people didn’t beleave that Hitler could take over the world with his warped view on politics, humanity and dress sense to name the small few of his view and same today with Paris Hilton. Not so much a militarial force but one that has some level of influence that has passed through the gates of the press’ minds as a giant donkey or jackass. This forum has let her speak her mind, however empty the girls of the free world have bought it. THe real world of the free world have let George W Bush in again, why? Was the jo that he did so great that he needed to be voted in again? At the moment we are paying the price for living in a time of stupid.
Art is also under the microscope but under one pretense, the finger is over the subject hence eclipsing what needs to be studying and debated properly. Here in Australia there are false prophets in Cate Blanchett and her unknown husband going from ticket opening to envelope opening to press conference passing the smoke and mirrors to the public when with dealling with art THEY SHOULD BE SPREADING THE TRUTH. Ms Blanchett’s endorsement of Australian photographer Bill Henson has lost my vote. I will personally make an effort to boycott all of Cate Blanchett’s movies. This principle is not io impress you. It’s that I cannot stand to be arounf these types of people and thai is my stand. They are forever telling the people that the emperor that is Bill Henson has no clothes. Bullshit! It is the under age children that are naked. Whenever it is being written on Bill Henson or Anne Lebowitz or anyone else. they have their supporters. There will always be the wool over your eyes, it’s so easy as you are all sheep and that’s why the wool is so easily found. You stick your head in the sand as it gets to hard. The pro Bill Henson lead may exist but the big true fact is that there are more parents in this world than there are art lovers. There are more artists than there are Emperors. There are more demerging artists than there are emerging ones. The truth is that you will never find the light until it hits you first. That could happen in the end but this could all be a waste if that is all you are waiting for. I am so not liking the art world at the moment. These idots are the people that have put art into disripute. That is not a hard thing to do. art has always been a fredom in the modern world that we take for granted. This is not the case in the police states of the communist and dictatorship nations where if you draw the wrong image could mean the rest of you life in a dark cell and not celebrated. Your art burnt and incenerated as the artist gets tortured and treated in shadows. Many great artists like Sue Coe and others have shown that the nations aren’t so kind as ours. Yet in our free thinking we are free to choose, so my message is to choose wisely. Simple really.

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