The Mosquito

Sit outside and enjoy your burrito,
I’m not a fly, but a small mosquito.
I am adored by fish and every bat,
I don’t care if you are skinny or fat.

If you bend over the garden at night,
Your derriere will entice me to bite.
Take a swat at me if you think you can,
Or slug me hard with an old frying pan.

I’ll interrupt your thoughts and buzz your ear,
Or land on your back and cause you to fear.
You may be quite poor or you may be rich,
I will not leave you with less than an itch.

When winter is gone with vanishing snow,
Wear those sandals and reveal your big toe.
Sip your soda pop and drink your ice tea,
Summer is here, are you glad to see me?

I must land upon your Uncle Marvin’s nose,
How good is your aim with the new garden hose?
When the sun comes up, I’ll hide in a bush,
When the sun goes down, I’ll land on a toosh.

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