Hi! I am back for today and tomorrow!

I am just about through making fudge – well, with my sons help anyway! I had to come to work today because we have a truck to load with hops and another truck tomorrow – and I need to do bills for the company. I think my vacation will officially start on Friday. But I am afraid my husband and I will be driving to Idaho for a funeral. My best friend was not doing well at all while we were there. She was put in the hospital 2 days after we left and her husband said she would not be coming home this time! I have shed so many tears and I will cry some more. :( Sam and Vonnie are the people we stay with when we go to Idaho for anything hops related. We’ve been staying at their house since 1985. Very sweet people. My heart breaks for them both!

ok – I am going to cheer myself up and view some of your art and add some of my own! I sure miss you all! I need my computer at home – darn it!!

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