Hello RB friends!

I just have so many discouraging problems! I finally have my computer back at home BUT I CANNOT GET ON THE INTERNET AT ALL! So – I use my work computer – when I can. That is why you haven’t been hearing from me a whole lot. Well, guess what? You REALLY won’t be hearing a lot from me now because – I usually take most of December off…. The first 2 to 3 weeks I spend making fudge – LOTS of fudge; like about 50 to 60 batches. It used to be around 80 batches but my hands and wrists are getting so painful from arthritis and injuries that I have to slow down. Now, my son helps me make the fudge – or, I mean – I HELP HIM make the fudge! He makes probably 95% of it now – but he doesn’t really want to. I took all of this week off except today to make fudge to send to our Yakima office because we just happened to have our computer guy from the Yakima office here yesterday and today – and since I am also very tired of boxing up all that fudge to our NY and Ykm offices I made enough fudge (all by meself too!) to send back with Devang. Now we are leaving tomorrow for Idaho to deliver their fudge and my wrists can’t make any more without help so when I leave here very soon – my son will help me make about 4 batches to take to Idaho with us. Then when we get back on Tuesday night – I will – er I mean my son and I will be making fudge for the Oregon hop growers. Plus I will need to box up a bunch of it to send to our NEW YORK office. Thusly, I will be busy at home. And as if I don’t miss you all enough – I will be taking vacation the last 2 weeks of this month! AND NO INTERNET!!!!! sob sob :( Maybe we will just have to have the computer guy (no – not the Yakima one that was just here) – I mean our Oregon guy to come directly to our house (which means I need to do some MAJOR house cleaning!) so he can check out our computer. But I will tell you what I WILL definitely do……………. I WILL TAKE LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PICS (of what?) I don’t know – maybe grandkids making cookies – opening gifts – playing – us adults playing with the kids new toys etc. Maybe it will freeze outside and I can get some cool pics!

Thanks for listening to my sob story! I will be in touch – just not sure when.. If I don’t see you all before Christmas you all have the merriest of all Christmas’ss!!!

LaRee aka lareejc

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