Narration by Mishal Sagga

It was the darkest night
and I was thinking of life
love and God *
There was so many questions on my mind
I wanted to know so many hidden things
I wanted to ask so many question to God
Where love have gone?
why we have begun the war
where gone tolerance
why humanity crying
why tears are falling
Why fear is surrounding around
Why I tumbling inside me
why I’m apprehensive
whats going on, that’s not my concern!
why don’t I close my eyes
and drifting to asleep
I closed my eyes
stopped thinking all things
I fall asleep
It was glory all round
there was brighten
I asked to God, ’’why i know nothing?”
And God said ’’Cause it hurts bad”
I asked,’‘it hurts bad when you want to know and you’re knowing nothing”
God replied, ’’I know’‘
I asked,’’ Why I’m apprehensive a lot about the situation?’‘
God replied,”I gave you emotive, cause I made you emotive’
I asked,’’ Why my heart in the shadow of darkness, why I feel fear’‘
God replied,’‘Cause i gave you love ’’ *
I asked,’’ I’m frighten to night.’‘
God replied, “that why I gave you day Bright.’‘
I asked, “Why I depressed to war”
God replied,’‘That’s why I gave you peace and harmony’‘
I asked,’’ why sometime we feel alone in the crowd’‘
God replied,’‘That why i gave you love ones’‘
I asked, ’’I’m scared’‘
God replied ,’‘that why i gave you believe’‘
I asked ,’‘I want to see you’
God replied ,’’ That’s why I made seasons,colours, day and nights”
I asked ,’‘I love you God with my all heart’‘
God replied,’‘that’s why humanity is still surviving’‘*

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