Lance Leopold

Nairne, Australia

Hi,Bubblers,i’m retired and live in Nairne,in the Adelaide Hills,South Australia,with wife Barb, and daughter, Belinda (also...

Retro weekend results

I’m about to upload some images shot on 35mm ,ISO400 film i took yesterday,they are as they came out of the camera,a Minolta Dynax 500si.The lens used was a Minolta,70-210mm AF telephoto,with macro function,fitted with a Hama polarizer,and i think it was the weak link in the image taking process,as it lost corner to corner detail and sharpness at the longer focal settings,though its ability to lock on to moving subjects was surprisingly good,better in fact than the EF 70-300 IS-USM lens i use on the 400D,and at the short end of its focal range its performance was very good,so that’s why i think it was the main reason the images are for me disappointing,along with the graininess of the ISO400 superia X-TRA Fujifilm i used.This morning i took the 400D,to the park and took some shots of galahs and magpies at 300mm and 400ISO,and the images i’m uploading are also as they came from the camera,but i have cropped them tightly to show just how good lenses for digitals have become,even for medium priced lenses like the 70-300.The day also cost me twenty bucks a roll,to buy,have processed and put on disk.

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