Lance Leopold

Nairne, Australia

Hi,Bubblers,i’m retired and live in Nairne,in the Adelaide Hills,South Australia,with wife Barb, and daughter, Belinda (also...

Retro weekend

Well wife Barb is going to Melbourne for the weekend,so while she’s away i thought i would make a complete fool of myself and shoot some rolls of film so as to check the way i use a DSLR manually,against a 35mm SLR really does translate to good image making practice.I will be using four rolls of Fujifilm 400-Superia X-TRA,and the cameras i will use will be,Minolta Dynax 500si,and Minolta XG-1,kindly loaned to me by my daughter Belinda,so if i get any worth uploading,i shall do so next week,cheers.

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