Women in History Collection Part 1

Women in History T-shirt Collection by Lajura. Featuring seven women: Harriet Tubman, Eva Perón, Joan of Arc (with real signatures), Hildegard of Bingen, Nerfertiti, and Murasaki.

This is a celebration, honoring heroines that made their marks by making trouble in a time where women’s fate wasn’t their own.

1. Frida Kahlo Born: 7/6/1907 Died: 7/13/1954

Viewed as an icon of female creativity, Frida achieved great popularity internationally for her self-portraits. She was married to muralist Diego Rivera. Her style was vibrant colors of indigenous cultures of Mexico & influenced by Realism, Symbolism, &

Political Activist

2. Nefertiti (Queen of the Nile or Great Royal Wife) Born: 1370 BC Died: 1330 BC.

She ruled alongside her husband, the Pharaoh Akhenaten. One of the most powerful women to have ever ruled. Known for changing Egypt’s religion from a polytheistic religion to a henotheistic religion.

3. Joan of Arc (The Maid of Orleans) Born: 6 January c. 14125 – 30 May 1431

Heroine of France, born as a peasant and made Roman Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc had visions of Angels instructing her to help France from domination by the English. Later declared guilty by a variety of charges was burned at the stake at the age of 19.

Military Leader

4. Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki) Born: 978 Died: 1025

Murasaki was one of the first educated women known for her writing in the Heian period. The Tale of Genji is one of the world’s best & early novels. She learned Chinese by listening outside the door while her father taught her brother. Her style of literature influenced other women to write in prose, which popularized the art of Japanese prose.

Lady in Waiting

5. Harriet Tubman (Moses) Born: 1820 Died: 10/03/1913

Harriet was an American slave who escaped slavery & led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She never lost a single passenger. During the Civil War Harriet Tubman worked for the Union as a spy.

Union Spy
Civil War Nurse
Civil Rights activist

6. Hildegard of Bingen (Saint Hildegard & Sibyl of the Rhine) Born: 1098 Died: 17/08/1179

Hildegard’s writings bring art, religion, and science together. For healing, she used the curative powers of natural objects. She wrote hymns & sequences in honor of saints, virgins and Mary.

Christian Mystic
Benedectine Abbess

7. Eva Perón (Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina) Born: 07/05/1919 Died: 26/07/1952

As a powerful political influence, Eva Perón used her position as first lady to fight for women’s suffrage and improving the lives of the poor. She also ran the ministries of health and labor in her husband’s government.

First Lady of Argentina
President of the Eva Perón Foundation
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
President of the Female Peronist Party
Head of the Argentine Ministry of Health

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