The Biz

I’m amazed at the State of this seemingly complicated system.
That’s so simple, yet we twist it.
I can’t deal with simplicity, or find something real in this mystery.
Who dun it, who did it, who’s down wit it.
What’s above, and what’s below.
Nobody knows.
So it scares us like starring into a pure pool of water,
and as I stare into it, a vision appears, of pastures and grassy hills,
with flowers and daffidils,
and for a minute, I see peace.
As it might be.
As I might conceive of it.
But then a drop of rain falls from above,
and shatters my watery pain, of reflecting glass,
and I can no longer pass-off my insecurities, as part of myself.
I’m forced to face, what appears in the calming water, my own face.
Now reflected, abject, and affected by my vision of unity.
I’m lost in a ruined city.
And I can’t find a pure pool of water for 300 miles,
can’t smile, cause the exhaust from the bus takes awhile, to dissapate
And once it’s gone I breathe and think it’s better,
only because the worst is gone,
but the worse, is still there, in the air,
I’m still breathing fumes I’ve become immune to, used to
news filter through,
Marketing and Media and the stark Reality is
that even a Fool should realize that something’s wrong
but we keep marching on
in a democratic myth,
voting for the lesser of those two evils, and I go to sleep with
nightmare visions fo the acpocolypse
the obvious is lost, something hidden made boss, and commander or the soul.
And now we don’t know, a damn thing
about responsibiity, and perspicacity, and originality.
We wear this giant’s robe, but we are only dwarfish thiefs.
Stealing the thunder so we can be, grand and in charge,
it’s a scam, when you enlarge
you see a propensity for self-deluding fantasies of grandeur
give a hand here, for violence and slander
cause we’re so sensitive, it gets me pissed.
I don’t want nuthin to do with this, no more,
find a different whore,
cause i quit, shit, i’m fed up with it.
I read up on it,
and my conclusion is,
you’re either down with revolution,
or caught up,
In the BIZ…

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