Language is a tool
Easily wielded by any fool, with a mouth
With a pen, you could raise an army of men and be the next Napolean
Language is powerful
don’t fuck around
Whether prophetic, insipid, cliche, or profound
It’s here for a purpose and we’re letting it drown
Cause we talk alot, but verbose, man, we’re not
we recount our stories with the same tired plots
“Oh, how was your day dear?”
“Oh, fine how was yours?”
“Oh, mine was just fine, would you please pass the corn?”
the extent of our dinner conversation should warn us
Let’s ask better questions
Let’s have some discourse
But please remember passion need not cause remorse
infuse your speech, with all your beliefs
but you must not, take it personally
when i don’t agree
cause i think for myself
and so do you too
and everyone else
but we’re becoming the same
stereotyped by the massed
our identities change
to fit into classes
and though it’s cliche
is what we’ll be
If you don’t believe me
Just ask your TV.

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