Can we share a moment of sublime reality?
Or do you pine for worthy words to describe your feelings?
Stop this time, don’t think so much, let yourself be taken, let yourself be touched.
There are many other languages, besides the ones we speak.
The soul is revealed in many ways, and talk is often cheap.
Or rather, ineffectual, to convey the higher truths.
Listen not with your ears, for they only hear the words.
Awaken everything within you.
See the sparrow not just as a bird, but as a manifestation of life.
The mother, the provider, that which gives us all, and takes us all.
That which we feel when what has become our human-ness, is forgotten.
When the animal is alive.
When we hear the music in the background, like an orchestra, and we have front row seats.
This is what I seek, long for, cherish.
This is the root of love and action.
This enlivens the spirit.
How could it be anything but this?
I do not search for truths in life.
I close my eyes, and breath.
And when, again, I open them,
The gift may be presented to me.
If I am not impatient. If I am content.
When we are content with uncertainty, truth finds us.
When we crave direction, truth deceives us.
Do not look too hard for the truth.
Embrace potentiality.
When the truth is given to us by someone else, it is not our truth.
It is likely, however, to be an echo of our own unrealized truth,
And therefore often fools us.
G.O.D. is inside you, and is not mysterious.
A gossamer thread binds us all.
In some places the weave is thicker, thinner, easily broken, and stronger than steel.
You can feel it pulling on your heart.
These are your heart strings, and they never lie, though they may deceive you.
Go, go and tell them on the mountain top, that I am not ready.
I will wait until my feet take flight, and the journey will seem easy.
I will fly to meet them then.
But before I arrive, I will cut off my feet.
Not to spite them.
But to remain.

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