PLEASE help me help my friend.

PLEASE READ… PLEASE ‘FAVOURITE’… please help if you can…
(EDITthe below auction has ended and the print sold for $325!! However all future profits from the auction image Seaside Awakenings will donated towards the funds to help Mandy and her family’s ongoing costs.

If you would still like to help, you can do so by making a purchase, or by donating directly to the following fund raising links.

  • Iron Online (Mandy belongs to this group and was competing with them in the event she was injured at.)
  • Eventbrite set up by folks in the town where Mandy was injured and the committee organising the “Miles for Mandy” fun run fund raising event.

You can visit the official website to find out more here:


How I make my "View Extra Large" button/option.

I firstly have to apologise as I intended to do this well over a month ago. Life has become a little crazy round here since then and I had just plain forgotten. Anyways, on with the show……

Quite a few people have asked me how I do the “view extra large” button that I include with my descriptions for my images so here is what I hope, is a quick and easy to understand guide.

This feature works because of the new zoom out coding that RB has put into it’s description section at the last update of the layout. I chose to use it to my advantage to allow people to view my images nice and BIG!! Which is what we all really want isn’t it? So, here’s how I do it.

  • 1. Upload your image to RB and check all the usual boxes, set your mark ups etc.
  • 2. In another browser tab, upload a reduced size copy

My personalisation of the 'new layout'.

Ok, so here’s what I’ve worked out I will do to circumvent the restrictions of the new layout which cuts off our description area in a rather ugly manner because I want all of my ‘description’ to be visible without people having to make any additional clicks.…

From now on, I will be uploading my work in the usual manner. I will be redesigning my personal ‘advert banner thingy’ that I have so it fits neatly into (and across) the truncated default description display area. I guess that bit just applies to me. The next bit though can be used/done by anyone.

For the following process to work as I will describe, the most important part is to be certain that YOU MUST BE THE PERSON TO MAKE THE FIRST COMMENT ON YOUR ARTWORK. If you fail to do so, it will just look ugly. ;-)

So… I will try my

A good couple of weeks.

Starting out 12 days ago with a home page feature of my Alpen Emerald

Then a few sales:
A sticker of my first ever RedBubble upload guy and girl graffiti , which is kind of funny to look back on now.

A photographic print sale of When I’m all grow’d up

And today my most popular image Colosseum ticked over to 101 favouritings (and 1186 views).

All that, as well as 60+ features of my various pieces in the past 28 days!


So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s supported me and my work.

EACH & EVERY comment, feature and sale is most genuinely, sincerely and truly appreciated.


Here I am on Google+

I’ve been over there a little while now… kinda like the feel of the place so far, but keen to make more contacts.

So, here I am… just ‘click’ me.

I have all 150 of my invites left if anyone would like one.

Quality Textures, HDR & Photo Manipulation Group "Best of the Best" Challenge

Here’s a bit of a plug for a new challenge we are going to run in a group I co-host.
If you’re not already a member of this group and would like to enter, just head on over HERE and join up! I’d love to see you all in the running.…

Best of the Best – By Nomination
The Challenge

This is a ‘by nomination’ challenge.

To be eligible to enter, members have to have a piece of their work nominated by another group member (using the nomination banner below).

No nomination, no eligibility to enter.

Each group member, can only nominate 2 other members (1 so you can reciprocate when your work is nominated, if you wish, and the second so you can choose someone else).



At this stage we can only have challenges run for a period of 1 month of submissio


Huge thanks to Mandy for her purchases.
2 poster prints:

Many thanks for your support mate. I can’t wait see a pic of them on the walls of your new place.


…. great week or so!! LOL ;-)…

Starting with a sale of a canvas print of All Washed Up a week ago.

Returning from 4 days road tripping around Austria having been privileged to visit and take photos of some breathtaking places (2054 photos… give or take) and then finding that I have been chosen as a featured artist in 2 groups over the course of the weekend away.

Additionally, returning to the news of a poster sale of Never Wake Sleeping Cats.

There have also been 2 top ten challenge placings.

Then, there’s been the 17 features of various art pieces since the start of the month.

Yesterday I received my copy of Mrs Griffo’s school’s yearbook (that I was contracted to design) and am happily satisfied with the how it has turned out (always a relief for anyone in the print/design field to f

Sale - All Washed Up

Many thanks to Ziona and Matt for purchasing a canvas print.

It is always very nice when people like you’re work… it’s a complete honour when someone likes it enough to buy it.

Visualising Emotion - SP Speed Challenge

Get your self portrait into our May challenge for your chance at $20 of cold hard RedBubble moolah!!

3 days to enter, 3 days to vote.

There can be only one! (ok, getting carried away now)

Go HERE to enter your most emotion evoking mug shot for your chance to take it all!! Glory AND riches!! Well… maybe a little bit of each but better than a kick in the pants… right?

Ok… that’s enough…. I’ll go now.

Thanks for tuning in ;-)

"Sunrise for Stephanie" - exhibited - Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

Some of you may remember the piece I added (and have featured on my profile page) – “Sunrise for Stephaine”.…

I learned last week that Stephanie’s husband who had an upcoming art exhibition in my hometown had chosen to include my photograph in the exhibition.

I am extremely humbled to say the least.

Kieran’s exhibition “Wings of Hope” entails about 500 hrs worth of origami with the theme of ‘hope’.
It opens tomorrow evening (May 11th, 2011) in the Bundarberg Regional Art Gallery (for anyone nearby who may like to go along for a look).

The works will exhibit for 6 weeks.

If you have not read the story or reason behind my photograph, please take a few minutes to peruse below:
February 9, 2011.
I learned last night (my time) that a former youth group leader of mine from the church I attended in

Bronze Award - Epson International Photographic Pano Awards

Very happy today to receive notice that my HDR Panoramic – Mannlichen, Switzerland image was awarded a Bronze Award in the Epson International Photographic Pano Awards.…

HUGE thanks to Philip Johnson for suggesting I enter the comp.

For anyone who has not seen the image, it is HERE and the details are below. The LARGE version can be seen _ HERE_.


Redbubble featured photograph, January 17, 2011.

Redbubble featured HDR photograph, January 17, 2011.

Featured in the HDR Photography and Nikon DSLR Users Group groups, January, 2011.

This is a full 360 degree panoramic.

With the camera on the tripod, it was created from 7 groups of 3 different bracketed exposures, totaling 21 separate photos. Photos were stitched together in photoshop to create three panoramics of differe

Off line and in transit

Hi guys,
Just a quick note to let folks know I’ll be in transit from Switzerland to Australia, via Dubai between now and Tuesday evening.

Please forgive me if I do not reply to any comments on my work, or reply to b’mails.

Have a great weekend.



Sale - Colosseum

Many thanks to the annon purchaser of my photograph of the Colosseum.

It is such an honour to have someone think so highly of my work that they will purchase it.
I would love to hear from you to know where it will end up.

Thanks again,


"Sunrise for Stephanie" an RB featured photograph and HDR!!

A HUUUUGE thanks to the RedBubble Admin for choosing my “Sunrise for Stephanie” as a feature photograph and HDR piece.…

Also a thank you to those wonderful folk who have made purchases (some anon) of this piece towards Stephanie’s memory, and of course, towards helping raise money for the fight against cancer.

As well “Office Works” in Australia in Bundaberg who have donated free of charge 50 laminated A4 sized and 15 laminated A3 sized photo prints for Steph’s husband to sell as well. Massive thanks to them also.

If you haven’t seen this piece of mine, please take a few minutes to read on….

Also available in ‘breast cancer awareness’ pink.

ALL PROFITS FROM THIS PIECE WILL BE DONATED TO THE National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

February 9, 2011.
I learned last night (my tim

Sales so far of "Sunrise for Stephanie".

Just wanted to add this journal piece to say thank you to those wonderful folk who have made purchases (some anon) of this piece towards Stephanie’s memory, and of course, towards helping raise money for the fight against cancer.…

If you haven’t seen this piece of mine, please take a few minutes to read on….

Also available in ‘breast cancer awareness’ pink.

ALL PROFITS FROM THIS PIECE WILL BE DONATED TO THE National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

February 9, 2011.
I learned last night (my time) that a former youth group leader of mine from the church I attended in my teenage years back in Australia lost her battle with breast cancer in the early hours of the morning (their time).

Her husband wrote the following:
“_After the mundane business of packing up and coming home. The boys c

100 group features.

A bit of a redbubble personal milestone for me today and a most humbling one, with my piece Gottard Elbows becoming my 100th group feature.

The 3 months or so since joining RB has been one of the best things for my personal journey as a photographer and artist. The growth and inspiration that is found within the pages of this site is immeasurable and I am humbled to think that my work is considered good enough to have been chosen for the 100 features that they have.

Many huge thanks to all bubblers for their feedback, encouragement and support and to the group hosts who have chosen my pieces to feature.

Keep doing what you all do guys and thanks again.


Jumping in the deep end (aka creating myself a home studio) - any tips appreciated.

So guys, as you can read in the journal title, I have made the choice to go ahead and set up a studio in my home. The better half (Mrs Griffo) and I have spent the better part of the afternoon and evening moving, storing, sorting, cleaning, rearranging and all that goes with clearing out our only ‘spare’ room to make the space available.…

What I would love to know from any fellow bubblers out there, is what suggestions, advice, tips, hints, warnings and general bits of info might you be able to please share with me to help me out with this new adventure in my photography journey? Anything at all would be much appreciated.

BTW, I envisage the studios main purpose to be for portrait work (of whatever types come along I suppose) but I guess we’ll have to see what eventuates.

I am on a bit o

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait