First time

This is my first blog. I’m not sure what to write. My thoughts are all scattered. Today was my daughter’s last – first day of school. She’s a senior in HS. I have two children. Jeremy is 20. He went to a nine month tech school for power sports technician. He is no employed about 60 miles from me. That’s okay. Close enough to see occasionally, but far enough for him to be his own person. Have his own place. Pay his own bills. But Britney, my daughter, she wants to go to college to get into computer security. In order for her to get a job, she’ll probably have to leave state. That I don’t know if I can handle. At least she has to finish HS first and then at least four years of college. Hopefully she stays in state for that. That gives me fives years to think about this. In the mean time I’ll take lots of pictures of her. It’s her senior year.

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