My Thoughts for today

I was sitting here thinking about my own life and I have come to terms with th following;
These days will be gone and all that will be left behind are muted foot steps and empty rooms. These moments are those to be cherished and looked back upon with a smile. These moments are the moments that give my world meaning and open up my eyes to endless possibilities. Through small eyes come large ideas. I long to relive my first, and through them I get to glimpse back at the little girl who snuck down the stairs to see if Santa had arrived yet, snoop for birthday presents, and even speak out when I know I should have kept quiet.
We are all still little girls and boys but know this, now we are in a position to stay up late if we want, eat whipped cream straight from the container, and make our dreams become realities. As a child you feel like you are stuck inside of a box and always asking why. Never able to be a fireman, airplane pilot, are a super hero. Those are their dreams. Those are the dreams that make this crazy world go around. Those are the thoughts and ideas that inspire brillance and feed egos. Through the laughter and mistakes of youth we become the men and women of tomarrow. Never asks the children why, because there really is no explaination which we as adults could possibly understand. Just know that the milk was spilt and we as adults will always be the ones who clean it up. Just remember to smile as you get down on your knees to wipe the mess away, because it could always be worse. I am thankful that my children are healthy enough to spill milk and run through the house making me crazy with the noise. I am thankful that I am their mother and I have been blessed with the love given to me from them. Through my children all things are possible and there is nothing too incredible that I can not achieve. Through them I can breathe life and thank God for yesturdays and tomarrows. I am a wrapped woman, wrapped by four little girls who make me smile each and every moment of each and everyday.

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