An Email I have recieved

Today I read an email that had been sent to me13 hours ago.
They made me remember something I had forgotten quite some time ago.
A healing process is not always one which can be labeled, tracked, or used as a universal example.
We all hurt, in our own ways. We heal only through our own wisdom, and we Shine with a brightness which casts to the heavens!
Just remembering this makes me smile again.
Our fore fathers, mothers, or whom ever you may choose to call them, asks only for our happiness, many have given their own breathe that we may one day find the happiness they fought so hard for us to find. Infact, it may have been the very happiness they themselves had wished to acquire.
I have always known this and I have always believed in the powerful bloodline of my own ancestry. It is just so nice to be reminded of it once again.
In other words what I am trying to say is thank you for reminding me of were I am from and the radiant light which shines inside. Love LadyLazurus

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