Another day has begun

Another day has begun. A line used so many times by so many writers and philosophers.
I find these words to be somewhat poinient. They go deeper than simply another day has begun. They ask the universal questions… why?
Why are we here?
What does one simple small life mean in the huge infinity of the universe?
Have you ever felt that you were meant for something more? Something bigger than the station life currently has you situated in?
I know I have felt this way so many times that I dare not even imagine trying to count. To sit and contemplate life sounds like something done by drug users or schizophrenics. I assure you that I am niether one, but I do find myself wondering why so many times.
I used to watch the news, I hated seeing murders, wars, sex offenders. How can a life force so perfectly created and supposedly of such superior intellegence be so incredibly flawed? Is it too much to ask for this world to grow up? Needless to say I do not watch the news any more, needless to say this explains the high rise of so many social disorders. I thank God I have healthy children, a home to take care of them in and a job to sustain the physical necessities of life, but why? I can’t get over the astronomical art work of the higher being. Perhaps one day he or she became bored and invented an interactive monopoly game. I do realize that this is not an idea that I alone came up with it has been a question of many others before me, but just think , in the past times were alot more simple. Today, mothers kill their babies, people kill for thrill, and drugs run ramped where people are trying to hide from this reality we have all settled ourselves in, And yet, let me remind you that we are all “more civilized” today. We are all of higher intellegence that our predecessors, and we are all supposedly more financial stable than our parents were. Give me a break! I was a little girl with long dangling ringlet curls runnning around the red dirt of Mobile Alabama in my bare feet. I went crawl fishing in the soft rolling streams near our home and I laid on the beautiful plush green grass gazing at the clouds in the sky with awe. That was simple, honest and uncorrupted. Now there is no more innocence, it was lost long before I laid looking at those clouds but I didn’t know. But I urge you now as you read these words to look back at the innocence and try to remember it so vividly that perhaps it has a chance to manifest itself today in your life, I am so tired of wondering why? I want to see a change, I want the innocence of my yesturdays back. I don’t want my daughters to say another day has begun, I wish that they as well as all of us could truly say a new day has begun!

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