Trying A Bit of Everything

So I’ve been painting for awhile and just recently started getting into the commercial websites to get my work printed on things. My motivation goes up and down daily but when an idea hits, I can’t wait to get started on it. Sometimes it comes out the way I pictured it, other times it feels as though I wasted an entire afternoon on something that wasn’t worth the time. Learning experience? Perhaps.. I just wish I didn’t get so frustrated with myself when small things go wrong.

Its admittedly been a slow start with getting my work noticed and having sales. Part of me is saying that getting recognized (and getting my art noticed) just another challenge.. another part of me is saying that I’m just wasting my time… I entered the game too late and I’m so far behind everyone else.. some people have dozens of designs and thousands of like already and their art is trending daily… I’m barely pushing 5 likes for one piece.. I really really want to keep pushing forward, but its hard to stay motivated when no one cares about the quiet artists in the background. And I know that ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ isn’t everything, but it does help. When I got my first ‘like’ on this site, it was just the little push I needed to get another piece created.

But then there’s the times when the creative block hits and I’m left staring at an empty page for ages. Will my next piece be something great? Or maybe it’ll at least be ok.

So many times the idea of ‘its been done already’ runs through my mind, and I feel stuck. Its tough sometimes. It seems like the handy fallback when I’m in this rut is to go on a popular pinning site and see what everyone else is doing, but does that really help? It might be good to kick-start some inspiration, but I don’t want to be dependent on other artists’ ideas and designs in order to make my own.

Back in college, I didn’t have the easy access of a cell phone to look up new ideas.. I guess that was a good thing, but now I see so many ideas that I missed out on. But I guess that was my fault for not trying new methods when I had the chance. Lesson learned.

These days, I feel like so much has been created – and indeed it has – which is wonderful, but sometime it leaves me feeling like all the ideas are taken.. What’s going to be the next great idea to go viral? What will get noticed? Is it even worth it? I mean, I love to create art, don’t get me wrong. But again I’m left wondering what will it take to get my work out there? I’ve been working hard to come up with new trendy ideas, but so far they haven’t seemed to be taking off anywhere. Its like, in order for something to go viral it has to be either political or obscene, and I don’t want to go that route.. What’s left? Cliche art styles that have been done too many times already. Does anyone else feel that the more art that’s created, the harder it gets to make something unique?

We all want to make it big. Many of us dream of being the next well-known artist of her/his time. Me? I just want to make work and have a few sales here and there.. at least for now. Maybe once I get over that hurdle I can start having bigger dreams. Or maybe having small dreams is what’s holding me back? I don’t know.. I guess we’ll see..

Question for the comments: what motivates you to keep going?

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