Montreal, Canada

I have a deep passion for colour and a need to express my inner joy through visual creations, paintings, drawings and fractals....


Offline for a few Weeks

I’ll be offline for some weeks, as I’ve had difficulties with my computer and it needs to be worked on to resolve the issues – if not, the purchase of a new one.

In the meantime, take care, my friends. :)

Not Back Yet

Hello my dear friends,…

Im still in Nova Scotia. When I arrived 3 weeks ago, I came upon a serious situation. My mother had stopped taking her meds and other worrying stuff. Thankfully, I managed to get professional help quickly. My brother and I have started procedures for an assessment, home care, and eventually a nursing home. All of this is heartbreaking, as she has gotten so confused, frail and lost. I cannot come back until some home help is in place for her; I would be too worried knowing she would be in this state alone at her place. Hopefully, a lot can be done in July.

Please send me prayers and good vibes, as this is overwhelmig and Im pretty tired. I need breaks in the afternoon, and will go to the library regularly, where I can get Internet access with my new laptop. :) And

Vacation Time

I’ll be leaving shortly for about three weeks, visiting my family in Nova Scotia. So if you send me a message and I don’t answer, it’s the reason why!

Thank you so much for all the appreciation on my art, the features and all other kind of support! I’m going to miss my RB community, and will be recharging my creative batteries too! I’ve been working hard for months on all kind of projects, and will welcome the leisure time.

Love to you all, Josette

The Flu and Other Things That Kept Me From You

I’m sorry that I’ve not been active for a while.

It started with a burst of passion for fabrics and a big sewing session, then I got the flu On New Year, finally recuperated after a few weeks, to get it again!

And somebody is harrassing me here on the Bubble, I filed reports and hope that it will stop, as I find it upsetting.

Many thanks to all my friends, watchers and hosts for giving me such great support. I’m not gorgetting you; I’m just less present for the moment.

Love, Josette


A short word. A piece of hardware failed and I’ve been disconnected for a while from the Net! I’m out of town right now, writing this from the hotel! Will get back here as soon as we get a replacement. :(



I’ve been back for a couple of days now.

The vacation was wonderful, lots of gorgeous weather and family fun. Fortunately, my mother’s health seem to be improving, and that’s such a big plus for me.

I’m very behind in everything, and will try to get back in the thick of things here. I’m happy to be back!

Love, Josette


Hello dear friends,

I’m going on vacation soon, visiting my family in Nova Scotia, winding down generally and recharging my energy. I’ll be gone for the month of August, and will be back at the beginning of September.

Thank you all for all of the encouragement and support.

Love, Josette

HOMEPAGE And Gratitude

Before going to bed last night, I visited the bubble, watching the slideshow on the frontpage, and to my utter delight I viewed an image of mine! And it is my fourth apparation on the homepage……

I deleted my first homepage feature by mistake, ooopps! But here are the other 2:

And the one from last night:

I felt tears of joy come up in my eyes, and went to bed filled with serenity and bliss.

Since I joined Red Bubble, I’ve been blessed with so many features amd even made some sales. I have my special vision and create from the fun and whimsical part of me, and this recognition means so much to me: I feel that my work is understood and appreciated.

All the compliments and beautiful words given on my works are cherished, and I appreciate a lot the special invitations that some groups exten

Out of the Net and other Misadventures

I’ve been absent here for the whole week.…

Last weekend, I caugh a bad virus on my computer, which damaged my operating system and destroyed my hard drive, no less. At the same time, the phone plug broke, which meant I was out of phone communications too. The weather has been horrible too, windy, rainy and cold. So it’s been a trying week! And Bernard was away on a convention in Vancouver for the whole time. I’m lucky that I’ve got good neighboors who offered a lot of support!

Fortunately, I was able to back up all of my data on my external harddrive, and Bernard has graciously lent me the use of his computer, using his old laptop. I won’t be able to create new works for a while though :( . My PC is in the repair shop, awaiting its new hard drive and the reinstallment of Win7.

So in the m

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