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I have a deep passion for colour and a need to express my inner joy through visual creations, paintings, drawings and fractals....

Out of the Net and other Misadventures

I’ve been absent here for the whole week.

Last weekend, I caugh a bad virus on my computer, which damaged my operating system and destroyed my hard drive, no less. At the same time, the phone plug broke, which meant I was out of phone communications too. The weather has been horrible too, windy, rainy and cold. So it’s been a trying week! And Bernard was away on a convention in Vancouver for the whole time. I’m lucky that I’ve got good neighboors who offered a lot of support!

Fortunately, I was able to back up all of my data on my external harddrive, and Bernard has graciously lent me the use of his computer, using his old laptop. I won’t be able to create new works for a while though :( . My PC is in the repair shop, awaiting its new hard drive and the reinstallment of Win7.

So in the meantime, I’ve used the extra time to do other things which were boring but made me feel virtuous! LOL I miss my usual activity and interactions here; hopefully, I’ll be back soon!

Happy Easter!

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