Montreal, Canada

I have a deep passion for colour and a need to express my inner joy through visual creations, paintings, drawings and fractals....

I'm Back!

And I’m happy to be back at home, although it feels somewhat strange, after being gone for so long.

I feel so grateful that I was able to travel to help my mother, and the time spent with her has been very rewarding, heartwarming and frustrating at times. I was quite tired when I got to bed at night! It was my first experience as a caregiver, so I was nervous at first, then found that I had the necessary strength, patience and understanding to do it. I just tried to follow my intuition and instintcs. We had fun too, plus it was very encouraging to see her start to gain strength, and loose some of the confusion that she was suffering from.

I’m sure that this experience will make me grow in ways unexpected.

So she’s healing quite well, has great medical care and loving attentions of my brother and sister-in-law.

I’m also excited to be back at the Bubble, having find out that I had featured work in my absence, and that I even won a $20 voucher for a challenge! Thanks a lot!

I’ll be back shortly to viweving and commenting yours beautiful artworks!

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