Montreal, Canada

I have a deep passion for colour and a need to express my inner joy through visual creations, paintings, drawings and fractals....

Holiday Break

As much as I love art and spending time at RB, I need some time off for the next Holidays’ weeks. I have preparations to make like a lot of you; in my case, sewing up scrumptuous dresses for all of these celebratory events.

I wish to thank all of my friends and supporters for all thge encouragements, strokes and friendship given in the year 2010, which was a particularly difficult one for me. Thank you too to my cohosts in Fractal Combinations, Jackie, Bunny and Michelle, for all of the help and consideration, and the opportunity for a new challenge here at RB.

I’m also grateful for Bernard’s lovely companionship, and the presence and love of our combined families.

I wish all of my friends here a wonderful, warm Christmas, and fresh new hope for the New Year. Have fun!

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