Oh Lordy Me

You know when you get my age nothing seems to go right
The first problem I had I thought I was losing my sight
I saw this girl she looked as pretty as can be
Then when she got up close I said “OH LORDY ME”

Then I started having problems with my right hand
A knot came up on the back of it and the pain oh man
It seems like it started going to sleep on me
I’d shake it and I’d rub it then I said “OH LORDY ME”

The next thing that happened was the pain in my hip
I took so much medicine I stayed on a psychodelic trip
The pain seemed to go down to my back and my knee
I’d just grit my teeth and say “OH LORDY ME”

Then of all things my knee went out on me
It was weak and bowed like a branch on a tree
I couldn’t stand or walk it just went limp you see

Now I’m afraid to even get out of bed
I know these problems are getting to my head
I might as well roll over and play dead you see
Nothing is working right anymore “OH LORDY ME”

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