Papa Amos

Papa Amos was our grandfather
He was very dear to us but could not see
He went blind due to glaucoma
Which at the time was a mystery to me

Papa Amos would say “I’ve seen the times”
When we’d say you can’t see at all
It’s amazing how he could get around
When we always expected him to fall

Miss Sara our grandmother would prepare his meals
Then say Amos your plate is in front of you
He would find his plate and eat his food
Then smile and say I’m through

Papa Amos said he never had any bad luck
He always seemed happy to me
My sister Celeste responded “How can you say that
When you’re as blind as you can be”

Celeste would describe the sky to him
He’d close his eyes and laugh with glee
We knew he was thinking back
To the time when he could see

Papa Amos liked to hear us tell riddles
For we knew some that were really famous
someone asked “what has eyes but cannot see”
My sister Celeste quickly replied “Papa Amos”

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