With shoes half on, laces trailing n the breeze, down the garden path he runs. Like most 9 year olds all over the world, through out history, eagerly he charges off to gallivant with his friends. He could be anyone in any time but in just this day his life will take on a new meaning & he will begin a battle no one should ever have to fight.

Gerald is waiting by the gate. “Sup Exey.” “Sup Gerald, where’s Lee?” Gerald sighs, “He’s grounded again.” Jeremy laughs as he turns his head towards the setting sun with sad eyes, “that sucks! It’s that witch isn’t it?” Gerald nods agreement perfectly comfortable with the term of address as he murmurs, “Man I’m glad I don’t have a step mom.” They begin to walk down the road. In the distance the Siren for the day shift at the shoe factory sounds. Soon workers will be hurrying to their homes, or bar stools. They climb over the fence separating the residential area from the soccer field. Gerald picks up a stick & innocently swings it at the long grass knocking tiny seeds free to float of into the air. Sparkling like gold dust in the fiery red evening sky. “Let’s go to the ponds,” he suggests. It’s a foregone conclusion they’ll end up there anyway.

The ponds, every like boys dream. Semi-stagnating pools of water. Innumerous small creature & insect imaginable reside in this natural eco system that holds no limit to the variety of life to be found there. This is main center of the weekend & holiday activities. As they walk they discuss the things they’ll hopefully find at their favorite haunts along the banks. Once they have past the warehouses & climbed over the fence surrounding the factory & residential enclosure they are 5 minutes walk away from the ponds. They spend some time checking the holes along the banks looking for crabs. But the crabs are all too familiar with their unwelcome guests’ methods & have with drawn as deep as possible into their homes or hastily made their way into the deeper water of the ponds. “Look!”
A mongoose runs up a footpath made by their many venture out here. Like a bolt of lightening it’s gone. Surprisingly with out a moment’s hesitation both boys are in hot pursuit, little muscles pumping at full speed. Unfortunately they are no match for it. “What was it?” Gerald pants. Heart still pounding Jeremy responds, “Man! I hardly saw it! But it was a Mongoose! Shit those things can move!”

They continue to search for it in the bushes Jeremy lost sight of it in for a while Gerald queries, “Are you sure it was a mongoose not a bundu* bunny?” “Nah it was a mongoose.” Jeremy answers. He looks at Jeremy eagerly searching, “did it look like a male or a female?” “I dunno.” Jeremy says as gives up & collapses on his bottom, “it was too fast.” It’s getting dark. Some birds start flying to their nests as if to emphasize the fact to their young visitors. “Jeremy stands & swipes at the cloud of mosquitos’ dive bombing his face, attracted by the large clouds of carbon dioxide being expelled after their excited pursuit, “let’s go.” They are both a bit worn out from heir exploits so they decide to climb through the hole they have made in the fence on some earlier visit. They walk pas a natural waste dump site & then they decide to have a mock fight. Jeremy being 4 years old has the upper hand & it turns into a chase. As they tiredly run around haphazardly Jeremy’s foot suddenly strike something.

He goes sprawling. Gerald stops, & after evaluating that Jeremy is ok, bursts out laughing. He begins to walk towards Jeremy who rolls onto his but & brushes off the dust & leaves. He mutters, “Man…” He stops, dead still. It some sort of handle & on the end is a symbol. It looks like something in circle geometry but it’s different. A symbol that can only be read by 1 in a billion people, the odds of it finding its way, first go, to some one who could understand it are high. It seems impossible that the person who is looking at it now is sees its meaning. In Jeremy’s mind a face is forming, a face from thousands of years ago. It’s a man; it’s the writer of the symbol. “hello.” The lips don’t move but the meaning is implied as if the face is talking directly to him in his head. Like it is in his head! “Are you ok?” Gerald quickens his pace towards his friend. An unnatural deep drone comes from Jeremy & stops Gerald in mid step. Jeremy slowly turns. Gerald feels his heart disappear deep inside him. The face that turns to look at him over his friends shoulder is not the same. It’s cold & hard. Its eyes make him feel like prey. Jeremy’s body begins to frantically dig the earth away from the handle, each hand plunging into the hard ground right up to the little elbows. Tearing skin on the stones embedded in the ground. It seconds there is only Jeremy’s head visible. Gerald steels his resolve & takes a step closer.

In the hole stand Jeremy next to a sword as big as he is. It has a red hue & the minute Gerald is exposed to it he feels like he’s being pushed away from it in all directions like its tearing him apart. Jeremy is wiping the blade & is eerily engrossed in the thousands of glyphs on it. There appears to be a piece missing from the middle. Gerald finds himself unable to move, scared but fascinated. After what seems like an eternity, Jeremy screams. Gerald jumps back. It’s the real Jeremy not that “thing” that looked at him earlier. Jeremy screams again, a painful piercing sound someone who was burning alive would make. He passes out at the base of the sword. Gerald is unable to resist. This is his best friend, his bosom buddy & he’s looks like he’s dying. He jumps into the hole & struggles to lift Jeremy up over the rim. He gets him half way but the strange sword is sucking all his energy away. His vision is tunneling. Jeremy’s hand stretches out & grabs the grass nearby pulling himself out. Gerald’s legs tremble & he falls against the side of the hole. A hand reaches out & he looks up to see Jeremy. They both crawl as far away as they can from the hole & lay in the grass. Breathing heavily & his mind spinning, Gerald whispers, “What is that?”

After a few minutes Jeremy sits up. He looks at Gerald & says, “I’m gong to get it.” “WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS?” Gerald says as he gets up in a flash, legs apart, “Mufana*! That thing is dangerous! You can’t go back there! We need to tell someone!” he takes a few steps before Jeremy says, “no.” He slowly gets to his feet as well, “You’re right Gerry, that thing is too dangerous.” He says with a clear calm voice, “Too dangerous to let anyone else see.” He begins to walk towards the hole, “that’s why I have to keep it.” Gerald’s face is creased with exasperation as he watches him jump back into the hole.


An alarm rings. Muzvinu opens his eyes. Getting to his feet he goes over the script for the day. Planned events – work, be 10 minutes late for bus, try to watch some of downloaded anime on pc. Unplanned – Mom looks like she wants to talk about something, probably her concern that her son doesn’t seem to have any direction in life. He walks into the bathroom & fills the basin. He looks into the cracked cabinet door mirror watching his face change into that of Curaxi. “Good morning. Planning to give into me today?” Curaxi laughs slyly. “I’m going to be doing the updates on the Terral Crystal Bind program so no interruptions today please. & try not to think those heavy thoughts you usually do. They mess up my concentration. The last thing I need is the ghosts or your past mistakes slowing me down today.” He closes the cabinet door. His mind wanders. “Unbreakable. Why am I living this inhuman loneliness without you?” “I thought I told you no emoting today,” Whispers Curaxi’s voice in his head. The sink is nearly full. He turns off the water & proceeds to continue the uniform before work cleaning ritual.

He kisses mom good morning & sure enough she follows him into the kitchen talking about how he needs to set some goals in his life. “You can’t just be living to work & play computer games,” she reasons. “That’s not a life. Set some goals.” He smiles in his head. She doesn’t know how close to the truth she is. He has no real life, protecting them all from him. Always forced to cancel out his very existence out. Just being a shadow in the pitch darkness. He has his breakfast by his computer screen. The billions of atom based nano-bots running through his body create a micro film of crystal liquid, responsive to electrical activity in this body, across the surface of each eye. Although he looks at his computer screen, he really sees an entirely different screen. “Why do you always have to spy on me?” scoffs Curaxi. “You can’t make peepholes in your own little mental blocks?” Curaxi flicks a brief sneer over his shoulder at the camera. They discuss the complications of the equation they are trying to solve for the controlled atomic break down of several common mineral bases with minimal corruption of surrounding electron pathing. “Its late you better get going,” Curaxi sighs. Muzvinu stands as the micro screen dissolves before his eyes & the picture of Curaxi hard at work in their lab dissipates. “Hey.” “What now?” Curaxi moans. “Those faint gamma streaks, did you find causal local for their origin?” Muzvinu asks. “No. & I’m not sure we want to be looking too closely at that incident. Reeks of a trap that does…” Muzvinu ponders aloud in his head, “someone else besides us is ‘fishing’ in this part of the world aye?” Curaxi smiles, “We can’t stay like this much longer anyway you know. They’ll find us soon. Besides, I’m eager to see what strength is out there since I last put foot on open ground. HA!”

Muzvinu says goodbye to mom & begins his walk to the bus stop. Curaxi begins another animated conversation about the atomic integrity of the terral conversion unit. Muzvinu shields a though of fondness for Curaxi from him. “He is more interested in learning that fighting. How did he change?” he secretly wonders. “Power corrupts Muzvinu! Absolute power corrupts…” Curaxi bellows into his mind then bursts out laughing. “I hate when you do that. Who’s peeping on whom now?” Muzvinu retorts. “Tell me Muzvinu, how does one hate themselves? They make all they despise about them into a form they can readily recognize… do you hate me, a part of you and a part you created?” “That’s enough from you.” Muzvinu snaps. The rest of the bus trip is silent.

“Can you feel it?” Curaxi is nervous. “I’m coming up…” Muzvinu fingers the strands of atmospheric chakra in his hand. His eyes are red. There is someone, something, moving…

Then he realizes… The side of the bus dissolves away into the air in a cloud of charged red smoke as Muzvinu bolts from his seat out into the road. The air around is getting brighter. Muzvinu’s eyes flit left & right. “Casualties!” He streaks to a nearby parking lot. “Shields up!” He roars to Curaxi in his head. Massive blue barely visible parabolic shields form around him a wide as they can extend without coming into contact with the people around him on the sidewalks.

As he runs everything seems to slow down. Each step crushing the molecules together to increase his grip on the ground. The heat is radial & seems to be focusing, intensifying. Like he’s under a giant magnifying glass. The atmosphere itself is igniting. “I can’t wait for you…” he whispers to Curaxi. His foot strikes the ground & it rumbles. All around him invisible to the naked eye skin cells begin to fracture on an atomic level, pure energy is being released. As the energy comes in contact with the different molecules around, it triggers a chain reaction ripping electrons to pieces & releasing their environmental chakras ready to be used by Him. The ground rips around his feet as he draws all the energy up into a massive ball of red threads. “Contain…” by counter reversing the flow of his chakra slightly he can create neutral pathways that freeze the movement of energy in any form, virtually stopping time.

The red threads of chakra begin to plait themselves into a tight tube to contain the white heat emanating from the sky. “I’m nearly there Muzvinu.” Curaxi says. “You won’t make it…” he responds. The heat flash burns the entire remnant of air in the tube. It turns to a plasma state that impacts Muzvinu. As he crosses his arms over his head they begin to disintegrate. There is a flicker as the tube it ruptures for a split second incinerating the ground & air behind the opening for 30 meters. Then standing behind him with legs splayed arms braced against the massive 10 meter head of searing concentrated radiation it stands. Bundles of localized spines composed of ceramitose-steel protrude from the head & lower right back of a humanoid entity. Massive twin bursts of antimatter pulse through its palms into the massive plasma beam, changing it. “I you need to have more faith in me. Do you think I would just let my precious body be destroyed by such feeble minds, such feeble technology!?” Curaxi’s voice bellows from the depths of the machine standing behind Muzvinu. Muzvinu attempts to temporarily reconstruct molecular & tissue structure severely damaged by the burns with chakra reintegration. Curaxi laughs, “Come. Let me fix my precious body you so pathetically damaged just to save these weaklings.” The machine opens like a suit of amour & Muzvinu stagers in, sliding his body into the space only he can enter.

As it closes around him, he abandons partial control of his physical motor responses to Curaxi’s consciousness. “Good. Now let me finish this,” Curaxi whispers. Like a medieval knight he stands two minds in one body.

“Firstly let’s cool things down a bit…” A massive splash shaped sheet of ice forms across the greater down town Auckland city. People flee in all directions the ground shakes as Curaxi manipulates the massive environmental energies released by Muzvinu. The Massive channel of energy tightens & a massive pulse shoots up into the air circling round the huge tube of contained heat, shooting into the sky at a speed that snaps the air like a lightening bolt has struck.

Luradia sits in his orbital light cannon ‘Infury’ concerned. The light to matter transfer capsule is running at near creation pillar capacity. This can’t be right. The whole planet should be on fire by now. But it’s being contained by pure energy. Not only that, it’s scrambling every electron in the atmosphere. The beam changes & he looses heat & mass readings. Panic & confusion setting in, he begins evacuation procedures. The entire VDU freezes & he hears a whisper in his ear… “Got you.”

A metal clad hand touches the wall of the massive solar cannon. The metal structure ripple & disperses as first the molecules them atom are broken down into pure energy. Soon the body of Luradia is exposed to the constriction of space & he coughs out his lungs. In the throes of death, he sees his executioner. Muzvinu floats before him fully clad with Curaxi’s battle suit, watching him live his last few seconds. Then that once great & chaotic ambition perishes.

“Hmm, didn’t even need to bring out Seya.” Curaxi whispers in Muzvinu’s mind. “Maybe we where a bit too dramatic.” Curaxi laughs. They fall to earth, engaging various diversionary & cloaking tactics as they descend. Half way down the amour opens & Muzvinu staggers out. “Cleanup & damage control.” He says to Curaxi “I need some R&R Meet back at labs ASAP. We have a lot to organize. The end of the lies is beginning.”

“What now Muzvinu? He was your creation. He’ll have no credibility now that the world has seen him for the monstrous puppet he is.” Muzvinu hesitates then replies, “Jeremy is dead. Make it so.”




Auckland, New Zealand

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A little Scifi book i am writting.

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