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A single mom / A child / A artist / A writer / A philosopher / A song writer / A deep thinker / A orphan / And most of all a very very...

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My Camera is like a electronic paint brush I paint with it and create art, Color and lighting is important for the image I am trying to create . I like my art to be different so I do a various mix of different subjects.I work a lot with objects and several different things, I use several different softwares to get my effects, I also do a lot of digital painting . and also shoot straight from the camera natural with no effects. I have dyscalculia with numbers I do not let that cripple my dreams in life.I have a way within my mind of doing things different than others. Instead it is a gift of creation that God has given me I am also a writer and song writer ,I have a strong belief in spirituality that is always in me.All of my creations from writing to art work are all my original within my mind. I write about various different things including what goes on in the world today.That a lot of people should be aware of. . I believe that God has given us people in this world to help one another out . Enjoy my work and keep encouraging me and I will encourage you, we are the circle of life from the creation that God has made upon this earth it is up to us to keep it pleasant….



Most of my photography is done with a canon I use all of the time these days. I have worked with a Minolta 35 miller meter and have developed black and white film, many many years ago. I have worked with basic camera’s also like the Sony Cyber-Shot and olympics .I also take in consideration when doing my work about framing and matting the product . In time I will be getting back into that aspect of my work where I would be framing and matting my work and will be put in stores for sale. If we look around in this world it is all a creation . My music links are also found on my page here . I also like to say a lot of my writings are written from within and I believe a lot can relate. I write about different situations that people go through in real life .
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Dream Catcher
Pastel m&m’s

Love Is


Love is to be

Resting By The Cross

I Love You


Angel Prayer



I look up I see the clouds
I wonder if you see me at all
Just like a soul in the wind

I looked up to you, when I was young
Lisetening to everything you’ve done
Just like a soul in the wind

Sending messages down to me
Knowing that I always believed
An Angel watching everything I do
Just like a soul in the wind

I once almost lost my life
With your influence, You showed me the light
Just like a soul in the wind

Your up there with the moon, stars and sun
Where you can shine on and on
Just like a soul in the wind

Now I still listen to you
I hope you can hear me to
Just like a soul in the wind

You always faught for what you believed
You were alot like me
Just like a soul in the wind

I sometimes can see your face
You made history in the human race
Just like a soul in the wind
Just like a soul in the wind

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No use of this work with out my hand written permission
Kyrah Barbette Louise Collorone Hale

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Help with upgrade problems

If you have noticed I have not been able to add new work and I do have quite a bit.. The problem why is my computer that I am on . I am working with a IMac OSX Version 10.5.8 . If anyone knows what i can do other than buy a new computer could someone please inform me.. Thank you much. And I miss putting work out here :-(
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Paw Prints

Thank you for the sale on Paw Prints 5 cards sold March 18 2014. Thank you much and God Bless to whom ever has purchased them.Peace Love and light..
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Human touch

I will start this off to say I will be doing more writing in the next few weeks and will be covering a few topics…. / I had a terrible nightmare last night, oh wait it was not a nightmare it was reality. Little by little or should I say more and more the internet is fully taking control of human life Instead of spending time in person with someone instead we do this through the internet.. I…
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Struggling Artist

With artist like myself that are struggling to be known and sell the products that we create, I find it really sad that R.B. no longer has the gallery option where we put our work in the library .. Bad enough they make so much from the artist here and we make a little percentage .. I really enjoy very much having my work on this awesome site, I have been a member here since 2008 and I do hope th…
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