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Struggling Artist

With artist like myself that are struggling to be known and sell the products that we create, I find it really sad that R.B. no longer has the gallery option where we put our work in the library .. Bad enough they make so much from the artist here and we make a little percentage .. I really enjoy very much having my work on this awesome site, I have been a member here since 2008 and I do hope they make some positive changes that help us even more. Is R.B. going to be introducing other ways to get out work out id there any future plans of this. Just needed to get this out and find out if there is any info on this. This seems to be one of the best sites that I have found and so much work of mine is here.. If any one has any other info of how I can prosper from my work please feel free to inform me..I would hope to see some comments and others view on this ..
Thank you in advance. DreamCatcher

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