Kyra Webb

Brisbane, Australia

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Performer and Giclee Art Printer living in Brisbane.

My latest work in progress and first vector style attempt - Robo Bunny Bot

A work in progress, the Bunny Bot is my first attempt at Vector Style Art.

I have hand styled a figure from one of my photos taken at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2008. She is definitely a labour of love and I thought I would never finish her, but here she is.

I am not sure if she is an actual anime character or where she originates from. I would greatly appreciate any help to credit her creators and origins.

I have not made her available for sale as a print yet as I am stuck on ideas for a suitable background/ home for her to appear in. If she inspires ideas please share. Robo Bunny Bot is available as a T-shirt print. I thought she could easily stand alone in this format.

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