Kym Breeze

Toowoomba, Australia

Kym Breeze crea8ive and always exploring how you can enjoy her art in your home or office, to create some impact and colour...

Anna, Nic. Kym and the Grammar art show...New work by Anna Bartlett my friend...

Hi all as you know I have a wonderful bond with two special female artist’s here in my city that I have painted with, exhibited with laughed with, and even cried with….On this night though we were laughing and loving being together…..felt so right and so good… Kym Nic and Anna…hugs xoxo

Anna Bartlett and Nic Hohn, both have bubble sites and even though they have not been as active as I on here they are both fantastic artist’s in their own right….I had the good fortune to catch up with them both at the Grammar art show opening on Friday night, where much to their delight they both sold two pieces, which is great for opening night…. We then caught up on Saturday for a bit at the gallery Anna owns, which we used to open every Sunday leading up to Christmas, due to changes in our lives, this no longer happens, however this Sunday gone I open up for a few hours and was lucky to get payment for a painting that had been on layby for some time…So all in all it was a good weekend for the three of us on many levels….. I would love you to take a look at Anna’s site….or at least the paintings I have here, I will get to feature my darling Nic later this week…. till then love to all…P.S Anna does the best hand painted art bags ever….I will be sporting one when I come down to Sydney so keep an eye out…this girl has a big future….Move over Ken Done…AB is on her way….

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