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If your life was a song which would you chose to describe you best....

I know most of us creative elf’s love music in one form or another….I know I paint with the music up loud when I can, (not at 5 am when I usually paint, before getting kids ready for school) during the day though I will put something on depending on my mood and the mood of what I am painting….sometimes the painting takes on the mood of what I am listening to….that is an interesting process…..(another journal)

I got thinking one day if I was to describe my life as a song which one out of all the songs I have heard would I/could I pick to match me and my life….
Answer there couldn’t be just one, no one is clever enough to have put it all into one song and made it to the charts….not yet any way that I am working on….lol

My thoughts are this….every step you take….every move you make…
someones watching you. And there is a song for all that is in your life and all that is not….what songs can you relate to in regards to your life thus far….. none? So sad…
too many…lucky you great collection….
I narrowed it down doing a major delete of history and came up with……
Paul Kelly….I’ve done all the dumb things…..and Helen Reddy…..I am Woman……
interested to see/hear what you guys have to say about this, Oh and painting lately to Pink..and Billy Joel this man has so much talent his honesty is so touching…what an amazing journey he has had….
Ok guys, I am so keen on your reply’s sing away…….cheers

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