Kym Breeze

Toowoomba, Australia

Kym Breeze crea8ive and always exploring how you can enjoy her art in your home or office, to create some impact and colour...

OMG First print sale from Red Bubble for me....

Hello and a big thank you to the person who bought my print, what a lovely way to start the day, checking in on my bubble and seeing that I have sold a print of Friendship on Fire, awesome, thank you, I am happy and dancing on the inside…lol

First a T-shirt…which we at bubble are waiting to see on the lovely LisaG…

Yesterday at the gallery I sold one of my paintings to a lady from the Gold Coast, which was great, the thrill of selling never fades……as each painting is like a baby and seeing it go to a new home is well thrilling….and getting work out there into other towns and cities is great……
Now this…fantastic, thanks everyone..the support and caring on Red Bubble is fantastic….Love to you all Kym

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