Friday night dream 09-21-07

While visiting my parents, I felt the urge to see the ocean. South, I drove, in my red wine shade car to Baja California, Mexico. The absence of images of my journey, made my trip swift, for instantly I found myself at the beaches of El Golfo de Santa Clara.

As I found a parking spot, multitudes of people were gathering upon its shores to gaze at the high water levels and the beauty it displayed. I walked towards the beach and saw water levels to be record high, close to the locals’ backyards. No one was in the water, but instead stood shocked at the view in front of them. I saw fear in their eyes as they starred at the blue in front of them. Suddenly the water level started rising and people started running away from the shores.

In a short-lived moment, I found myself in some kind of building with large windows, which resemble a fish tank filled with water and with me in it, trying to breath. There were people everywhere floating with the waves of the ocean, trying to catch that last breath. Then in a split second the water started to subside. I found myself standing on mud and as much as my eyes could see, there was nothing but a muddy mess.

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