Thick Black Outline by Krystal Sheedy was established in 2006 to present the artists “style, passion and current projects”. The influence of this designer came from the Oriental, Eastern and ethnic Arts. The artists is currently working as an illustrator and graphic designer in Australia, as she is focusing on artistic development and also continuing her freelance work. Not only does this designer create T-shirts on RedBubble, but she also creates graphic designs, illustrations, paintings and vector while also maintain a profile with many blogs and 2 different websites which are and . Thick Black outline was created in the designer’s art school, while she was creating her design, it is quoted – “Oh that looks so cool but if you put a thick black outline around it would be 10 times better”. She believed that it did make a big difference and is quite popular on other designs, such as cartoons, she also encourages everyone to try it at least once to their piece of art and see what happens and I will be taking this advice in my designer T-shirts.
Her designs are bold and striking; they are easily mind grabbing as she creates simple to detail designs. Her designs are always creating fun, colorful, unique, multicultural, powerful, risky and statement making. She has a wide variety of designs from beautiful geishas to sushi, cats, cupcakes and teacups which express different expressions and also include foreign language captions. This style she has created is very appealing to me, as I adore the idea of multicultural themes the unusual Radom images e.g. the sushi and tea cups, and everything that Thick black outline represents.

The designer feels the pressure to stick to one style around Redbubble which is the “Thick Black Outline”, although she does not do this style to her designs that are too complex, but to only of those that she would like to create a “pop”. Although the designer would like to return to a more sketchy, scribbly style just like in the past. The bubble is where she has found a lot of her inspiration from, she also found her inspiration in 50’s in ups, manga, ethnic arts and cultures, the Muppet show and sesame street. She discovered Rebubble via ArtsHub, and believes that Redbubble has majorly helped her flourish and help gain recognition from others.

“Frosti” by Thick Black outline is a graphic design of a Japanese woman kneeling on a mound of snow in the winter season. This woman is dressed in a light blue and white warm looking gown, with black bold tattoos on her arms and thigh. Her head is tilted and wresting on her right shoulder, with her eyes closed and thick long black hair blowing in the wind. There is a blank expression on her face, although she looks as if she is embracing the cool weather. There is a blossom tree in this image that branches widely to the left, with its beautifully large blossomed blossoms. The background scheme is of a gradient light blue color fading into a lighter blue with a swirling pattern, the color of this pattern is white fading into a dark blue, touching the snow. Both the Japanese woman and blossom tree have a thick black outline which gives this image a powerful touch. The main color scheme used in this image are based on blue which relates to the name of this design “Frosti”, because the designer is trying to create a cold atmosphere , and has successfully accomplished this theme.

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