Attack of the garden Gnomes...

The fog slowly saturates the battlefield… an eerie silence envelopes the garden. Then suddenly a blood curdling cry is heard from the direction of the bird bath!!! Then a twig snaps from behind the garden hose… did something just move beyond the shed? The troops are tense, there nerves; once iron strong are now failing them, they now tremble with fear as their imaginations run wild with the rumors from around the neighbourhood… could it be true? Are the wild tales of ancient and bloodthirsty garden gnomes really true? Do these mythical creatures really exist? Then as if summoned from the dead the gnomes arise and strike without fear or mercy. All that stands in their way of total garden domination are these last three brave and foolish souls.

Journal Comments

  • Elaine Manley
  • Leana
  • Rosalie Dale
  • Kevin  Kroeker
  • Andreas Mueller