Parental Leave...

Well here I sit contemplating what to do… You see I have been on parental leave for 2 1/2 months now. I took 9 months off from work so I could be at home and help my wife raise our newborn son. Things are proving to be quite interesting… lol. I am really loving the time off, and everyday I can see a difference in my little man. Fortunately my wife and I get along fabulously or this would not have been possible LOL!!!! In this time off I have; as my wife would say become addicted to my Bubble-crack lol! I check it first thing in the morning and its the last thing I check going to bed (is that pathetic????). I was reading a list that a fellow bubbler wrote about things to photograph when you are at a standstill or just can’t get out of the house (then an idea hit me, hence the pic of the broken camera… see link so I made a list, and on this list I have 28 items so far that I want to photograph; everything from a bowtie to an old shed in the backyard. So photography is keeping my mind sane or making it insane depending on what I can come up with to photograph. Well the little guy needs me so off I go…



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