Motivation to market your work...

It was such exciting news when I got the phone call from a local chain of stores in St. John’s that they wanted to order 100 prints from me last month. Well, that order has been in stores now for about 1 month and they have sold out. The shop called me again yesterday and placed another order for prints… WOOHOO!!!!!! This is such fantastic news. I also got my book yesterday from Blurb (my book) and it looks awesome… I took it to a local radio station and they ordered 7 copies for gifts for their clients. I am now going to take it to the local shops in town and see about selling it. It’s been such a super fantastic week for me and to top it all off I got an email today from Redbubble saying that the image I entered into the “GAIA” compettion was selected as a winner too!!!! Thankyou Redbubble for that one.

It has taken a while and lots of work to get my work out there, but it finally seems to be taking off. It is well worth the effort you put into it. I read that to market your work successfully takes lots of work, work, and more work and patience… and I have to agree. This site has helped me so much in my work and the people here are so very supportive and I thankyou all soooooooooo much.


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