"Interesting Times" .... again......

Moving house again…. this time somewhat permanently.
It’s a lovely little house tucked away from town, but not too far. Plenty of trees in a big backyard, a lovely front veranda and a pot belly stove in the lounge.

So, the question of ‘Home’ is resolved….. and beautifully so.
‘Health’ is one I’m still working on, I’ve some hope now that further surgeries may be able to be keyhole rather than the full belly zipper they’ve given me before, so with care, time and luck I’m looking at a far more functional future.
‘Happiness’ is becoming more common in my day, as much a result of my efforts as my circumstances.
‘Hope’ is getting a little easier, but still tricky…. hard to hold, to trust…. seems like in the last few years every time I feel hopeful I get kicked in the head..or heart…. or belly…… still working on it.

Between the general busyness and the internet dis/reconnection it may be a week before I’m here again, hopefully having caught up with my folios and the rest of my studio…….. things are definitely looking up…….. I may even get to paint soon….


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