Mental Illness.

Due to many requests I have decided to upload the images I shot based on my experience with schizophrenia.

I’m not in any way shy about this illness but am concerned about people being judgmental.

An Important note is that none of these images started out as being based on this subject.

The images with the guy in the clown painted face actually began as a series based on a character called Pedralino, for those of you interested in performance he is a character from early Italian street theatre “Commedia Dell’arte”.

The series on the dolls were originally shot to portray a phobia I have of dolls. Yes, strange I know but they freak me out and I wanted to express this through this series. These are the most graphic of this work which is why they have the filter on them.

The other images I use to portray the “demons” are just random images shot during other shoots tho pedralino did become one of them.
What’s funny about all this work and its meaning is that again none of it was shot for the purpose of portraying what it now does. They were all shot for different ideas and at different times. However as I was putting work together for my final folio at uni the work took on a whole new meaning, as I found the images started to sit together to tell this story.

I do believe that the mind is a crazy thing and sometimes our subconscious may tell our conscious mind to do things that it doesn’t make clear to us until later.

Because of very bad media mental illness has a bit of a stigma and has left many people ignorant about the many different types of mental illness and what they are.

This photo series doesn’t show everything but it is still a work in progress and I will hopefully be able to finish it off this year.

You don’t have to like them but please try to understand them.
Thanks for checking them out.


P.S. Schizophrenia is not Dissociative Personality Disorder. I didn’t have multiple personality’s. (nearly everyone asks me that). :-)

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