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Woah, it’s been a HUUUGE 3months for me. I’m sure if you’d had a chance to view my photographs you’ll notice I’ve been travelling a bit. I just completed 3 huge months of cruising around the globe and it’s been such a wonderful experience I hope you all get a chance to do.

I’m really quite new to photography having no formal training and just learning along the way. As such I think I’m still developing a style which may seem a bit all over the place at the moment but I LOVE photojournalism and street photography, capturing the faces and expressions of people in the street and so on really appeals to me so I hope to add more of this kind of work in the near future to Redbubble.com

I’m now laboured with the huge tasks of going through a collection of images I took whilst overseas, It becomes really difficult to work out what you like to display. Certainly taking the photograph is one part of it all but presenting it and shaping it a way that appeals to me, and hopefully you is a very difficult task.
Just recently I was selected for publication by www.potd.com.au for my Louvre – One Afternoon image in Sept/Oct 07s Camera Magazine. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this but to be honest when I shot the original image and later viewed it I sort of skipped past it taking no real notice. It wasn’t until I spent a bit of time by recommendation of a friend that the image you see in my portfolio came to life! For me, finding a good image out of all the ones I take is a huge task as well!

So, I guess in closing for my journal entry I want to thank redbubble for creating such a wonderful place for photographers and artists alike and I hope that you get something out of my portfolio.

Best Regards

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