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Realizing how much I love photography and how I am not just an extension of those around me who are the artists…but that I too can...

Over a month....but I 'm still here!

It has been over a month since I posted, so most of this is old news. Mostly just writing this for my own records. But I may as well share all the good news too!

Feature #16 After winning the “I am Thankful Challenge” in Bubblers’ Weekly Challenge


Feature #17 “The Cube”
Featured in Art in Math

Feature #18 “The Perfect Pair”
Featured in Alphabet Soup

Features #19, 20 and 21 “The Shredder”
Featured in Domestic Art, Metallic Junktion and Welcome to Utah

  1. “The Next Generation”
    Featured in Welcome to Utah"

  1. “A Shot of Sweetness”
    Featured in Lost In Space

  1. “Speed”
    Featured in Speed after a top 10 placement in a Speed Challenge

  1. “Blocks”
    Was just featured in Aphabet Soup and now is entered in the J Challenge

  1. “The World’s Smallest Snowman”
    Just uploaded yesterday and was featured in Sweet Tooth. Entered it in their next avatar challenge :).

Thanks again everyone for all your support. Hope you all have a fantastic 2009!

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