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Realizing how much I love photography and how I am not just an extension of those around me who are the artists…but that I too can...

My weekly updated.....turned into every three weeks at this point!

Wow! I didn’t realize how fast time goes by. I have had features 10-15 in the last few weeks. Even more fun and exciting is the fact that 4 of those were in the last week.

Also, 4 of these were featured in “Art In Math” and 2 of them were practically instant features. So enough with all the analytical data, here they are:

  1. Yellow Balloon was featured in the group Lost in Space. This was the second feature for “Yellow Balloon.”

  1. Pop This! was featured in the group Art in Math

  1. Magnet Planet was also featured in the group Art in Math

  1. Blocks was featured in the group Art in Math. This was the 3rd time Blocks has been featured. Glad everyone likes it so much :)

  1. Tomato Soup was featured in the group Art in Math. One of my older shots that I went back to and added to additional groups. Guess it pays to follow up on other shots when you join new groups :).

  1. You’re Such A Nerd was featured in the group Sweet Tooth.

Thank you to all these wonderful groups. And thanks to all you who are so supportive. I have also been added to 6 more watchlists and had 8 more works favorited.

It is so fun to learn and grow and I appreciate each one of you for your support and for your great work so that I can watch and learn also.

Have a wonderful week…..or two….or thee. I will try to be more on the ball. And enjoy the holiday season :).


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