monthly wrap up

October Stats – ‘we sail tonight for singapore’
Bet’cha thought I forgot about stats time! All two of you out there with your eager eye on the pulse of, waiting with bated breath (so bated) thinking ‘when, OH WHEN is he going to post the stats? And sweet jeebus when will he stop mixing metaphors???’

Well. Today. Right now. Happy?

Nothing really crazy to report. The Martians are still coming in second and Canada shows us it’s might in it’s usual per capita kinda way. The one bit of interest is the onslaught of Singaporeans. Which is just weird to me. I’m happy, don’t get me wrong, it’s just weird.

Heya Romania. Nice hat you got there.

scorecards ready? aaaaaaaaand…. go!

1750 Hits Last Month
366 Unique Visitors Last Month
246 visitors from United States
49 visitors from Unknown
26 visitors from Canada
15 visitors from China
13 visitors from Singapore
5 visitors from Australia
4 visitors from France
3 visitors from United Kingdom
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Israel
1 visitor from Spain
1 visitor from Romania
1 visitor from European Union

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