september wrap-up

Well folks… September! Some people see it as back to school time. Some, the beginning of autumn. The marketplace sees it as the beginning of the X-mas shopping season. We here at Kreddible Trout Photography think of it as… well, the month the South Africans came to visit!
September started with a bizarre race for second place. The Martians (unknown),the Canadians, the Chinese and the South Africans all falling in behind the United States. Then the Martians put on the warp speed & off they went leaving Canada and South Africa neck & neck for third! Until the middle of the month they see-sawed for third until Canada (probably bored because hockey season hadn’t started) finally came forward. The big question being: who called the South Africans? I haven’t been this shocked by a country hitting my site since China came on the scene.

Nice turn out Turkey.
How’s it goin’ Finland? Good to see you.

So here they are… the September stats:

1989 total hits
359 Unique Visitors Last Month
210 visitors from United States
74 visitors from Unknown
38 visitors from Canada
18 visitors from China
9 visitors from South Africa
3 visitors from Turkey
2 visitors from United Kingdom
1 visitor from Finland
1 visitor from Germany
1 visitor from Japan
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from France

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