This is Krazie's Introduction

I go by Krazie, KK2112, or any variation of KrazieKat2112 or Emma.
I am a hobbyist on deviantART and my Username for most of my accounts are KrazieKat2112.
I enjoy animation and I do not prefer Japanimation over other forms of animation. I do believe in right to sexual orientation I myself am an Asexual Pansexual, and I have a wonderful Waifu at the moment <3 she means alot to me because she is always so kind to me and is always willing to listen to my silly little comments (Justinlawcutie-dA).
My role model is Roxy G and Alecia Moore (P!nk). Roxy has really been so kind to me, even if I can be a little “fangirlish” and childish, but she just has such an amazing personality and I really love her art and how she notices my existence. Miss Moore’s songs just really have spoken to me over the years. Perfect, Family Portrait, and Conversations with my 13 Year Old Self…are the most significant to my personal life.

I love music of all types but I prefer; Techno, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Classical, and Screamo.

I have been through a few trials in life, but I won’t say my life was/ is hard because I know someone out there has it worse than I do.
My mother and father are divorced and my mother wasn’t the most caregiving type of woman and would often use force to punish my half sister and I. She recently left her abusive husband, the father of my step sister and my step father who bullied me past suicide(meaning suicide didn’t even matter past that point because it wouldn’t make anything better for me). My mother and stepfather would constantly fight and they would yell and throw things at each other, over all it was very violent. And when my sister was seven she was in the garage and the door was open and some low life tried to kidnap her, and I am heartbroken she is broken and she “cuts” the people around her like a broken glass. I tried to run away 3 times, once I was sent after by the police. The other 2 times no one even noticed I left of came back after four hours in the park that was a few miles away.
My father got custody of me in the 6th grade and my mother was heartbroken, she got worse depression and became more suicidal, and I can never forgive myself even if she may of hurt me in the past, I still love her because she is my mother and she cares about me. I am currently on lots of medication and planning to become a Forensic Science Technician or get into the Crime Scene Investigation Bureau. I am currently in JRROTC, Police Science, and Honors Geometry and Algebra 2.

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