Rainy Days

It is horrible and rainy here, the creeks are all flooded, below my house I have what looks like a dam- but it normally just a big river flat! I can’t complain though- there is nothing better than climbing into a warm bed at night listening to the rain on a tin roof.
But… I just ducked out to Dangar Falls, just outside of Armidale in my lunch break to get a shot of the waterfall. I am now back- soaking wet at my desk with a heater at my feet! The most amazing thing was the noise….. so the photos don’t do it justice. But, along with rain on a tin roof, no matter how many times things happen, or how often you see it, I will always appreciate a waterfall, a sunrise, watching the leaves change colour on the same trees year after year!!
I have put a pic of Dangar Falls on my page, it truely is an amazing sight!
Best be getting back to work!

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