My Dear Friends of the Art Realm

Could I please have your opinions on this matter, and could you please tell me that I am not going crazy!!!

Over the last couple of years I have become aware that in my little corner of the world (the Gold Coast of Australia), a strange creeping force is sucking the colour out of my surroundings!
I used to love the mediterranean colours and charm of the buildings – even some of the high-rises captured that warmth and friendliness, featuring little turrets and ornaments, using great colours! Almost romantic for high-rises. Artworks in vibrant colours, on white walls!

But what is happening now???
Is there a Charcoal and Beige Demon taking over? I am surrounded by buildings without shape or soul, painted charcoal and beige – and all looking the same! Tough, Cold and Unforgiving!
But here comes the worst part – the Artworks inside these buildings are also charcoal and beige!!!

Love to hear from you -

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