What's in a Name

I think the best place for me to start the process of letting others get to know me would be my username. korikazeryuu, kind of odd sounding, even odd looking, but even it has some creative meaning behind it.

My affinity for fantasy art and dragons will come more in-depth another time, but that’s where this name starts. In talking with people on and offline, some years ago I began to refer to myself as a dragon. I don’t really know why, it sort of happened on it’s own. From there, I met people who, in speaking, understood why I came to call myself that, and even shared with me some insights into the phenomenon, adding some key details to my basic habit.

A couple months ago when I needed to join a site somewhere, I sat back and thought about what username I’d choose. I wanted one that didn’t have a number string in it, or come close to my original intent, I wanted it to show up exactly as I chose it, so I dove into another one of my interests, anime, well, not exactly, I looked at the Japanese language for words that wouldn’t likely be used on English sites as usernames, words that related to my own habit of calling myself “dragon”. I found three words that came together to make my username: “kori” “kaze” and “ryuu”. Ice, wind, and dragon. Ice and dragon for the type of dragon I seem closest to in personality, wind for the kanji tattoo of the character for wind (kaze) on my arm, a helpful totem to strengthen me against my fear of really heavy winds. I chose to bring that username here when I joined here hoping that a little bit of the dragon luck it imparts would come along with it.

All that said, I have a nickname based on my real name that people can call me, that’s “Hal”.

See you out there.

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