the art of commitment

I find commitment something terribly hard to handle. Take this journal for instance. When I first came on here, I thought “Right, at least one journal a week yeah?” and the other side of my brain went “Oh for sure, totallllaaaaaaaay” typical to most teenage brains although I hope I’m not making a stupid stupid generalisation here – if I am please slap me and ask me what I was thinking. And now, a week later, yes I AM writing but only after having dragged myself to do it. This is my brain process:

Hmmm, should go on redbubble
- ok let’s go on redbubble
- oh look it’s the news
- oh look some freaks/zombies have been walking around melbourne let’s click on the link to read all about it
- oh wait i need to check my email
- logs into msn and surprise surprise facebook calls yet again!
- so and so commented on a photo and another so and so posted on my wall!
- well I musn’t leave them hanging hey?
- clicks on facebook link and oh bother I need to log in I can’t be bothered
- wait a minute i haven’t finished watching first episode of skins and i’m halfway through season five of spooks DILEMMA!
- goes onto youtube only to find no skins :(
ERGO I am now on rb only out of desparation…sorry.

What a puerile post. I’ve half a mind to go and do some maths as some sort of cleansing agent.

After watching season finale of House (yes I love my tv) I …almost… cried. Almost. It’s always sad when people die but sometimes it’s like a bittersweet feeling too, you know? Like, it’s not reeeally the end. In some ways. But I was thinking, there’s never enough time. For anything. Think about it, watch some physics videos about the gigantic humungusness of the universe, and you’ll feel like a nothing. I rather like that.

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