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Been away!

Hi there,

I’ve been in Stockholm, Sweden, lately. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to advice you beforehand, it all happened so quickly. It wasn’t work this time, but a last-minute decision to go there some days with my family.
Stockholm is a great city. It’s old, well, part of it, it’s very well kept, the center is situated on a great number of islands and it’s as if all the water makes the air very clean and fresh. Finally, the northern light casts a very clear and crisp light on everything, the harsh contrasts sometimes make it difficult to photograph.
There are some very interesting places to visit, first of all the 17 century ship Vasa, which sank on it’s maiden trip and which was raised in perfect condition in the 1960’s, and the Maritime museum, which is at least as interesting as The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. And there is The National Gallery, and the Modern Meseum. In the latter we were so lucky to see some photographs of Andreas Gursky. Especially his larger ones (appr. 4 meters x 2 meters) are beyond belief. Words can’t descibe them, they must be seen! Just try to Google “Andreas Gursky”. But as I said, these web images doesn’t do justice to them at all.
By the way, we went there by train, the X2000 from Malmoe to Stockholm, 4½ hours at about 250 km/h. Amazing!

Well, I shall try to catch up with all your wonderful images you have uploaded lately.

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