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Good Times - Bad Times

(You know I’ve had my share)

I haven’t been much around lately, and I’m sincerely sorry for that. You are my dear friends and sort of family, so I thought I should keep you informed. I have tried, though, to do my best to follow what has happened here on RB, and I shall do my best to make it up to you.

On the good side:
Our exhibition is running very well. Not much sales, but nobody had counted on that. It’s very hard to sell a photograph here. But there have been a lot of visitors and a lot of nice words on our pictures.
I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be inspired, and I have been, reading books and magazines on photography.
My professional work has seen new sides, some new standards and publications on electric safety on machines and safety related parts of control systems. Most interesting.

On the bad side:
I was down a couple of days around last week-end with some flu-like symptoms. And after that, I’ve had terrible pains in the back of my neck, especially in the evenings. This has limited my computer time, it has been quite impossible actually. Thank God this has lifted, and I’m about being myself again.
But the worst of it all, our little dog has fallen seriously ill. It’s still hard to say from what, some thing between kidney failure and leukaemia. So his days are numbered, I reckon. Most unfair – he’s such a good lad. I know, he’s not a human, but it has hit us hard anyway. And I don’t know what impact this will have on my photo’s, as he has been a contributory cause for me to get out of home every day, and he is somewhere behind virtually every one of my nature photo’s.

I’ll keep you informed.

All the best.

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