the falling

this place brings back so many memories of my human life now im nothing but dead…there are a million things that i can name that i miss but one most important… being able to feel… when the Valkyvory clan put this charm on or kind it caused us to not feel any harm to have feelings for anyone. cedrick said im special in alot of way im stronger, more advanced.. hes been after me since me my two sisters and brother first came here… medelene falls. its no better than ohio but it will do i guess… ive played football for the last two years.. its hard to set aside my wolf speed and vampire strength but i do it cause i wouldnt want to give more reasons to cedrick to think im any stronger than he is even though i am becuase Vasari has been talking away his and his clans powers because any vampire hasn’t been feeding so there not as strong then that leaves me the hybrid “the strongest of all species” to make up my mind.. there losing there power because of this old legend the legend says that there was this man he was the stongest hybrid of all and the vampires were jelous of his powers and his abilitys and so they were trying to convince him to become part of there clan so they can use him and his powers to make them stronger but the man refused and he used more of his wolf abilitys then his vampire abilitys so that caused vasari to grow angry at cedrick for not getting the mine then years passed they grew a plan if there were ever to be another strong hybrid again they would get him and use him… they made a pact.. then i moved to town and well here we are today… cedrick is trying to use me and i refuse to go into his clan so hes losing his power… but they claim if i dont go they’ll kill me and go for my sister… so i dont know what to do.. i guess well have to wait and see

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